HIPPA/Kentucky Privacy Laws

Kentucky Virtual Mailbox Security HIPPA and Kentucky Privacy Laws

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HIPPA/Kentucky Patient Privacy Laws

Security and confidentiality are extremely important to us and our clients. That’s why our service was designed in accordance with HIPAA as well as Kentucky compliance standards.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (aka HIPAA), 42 USC 1320d and 45 CFR 160-164 as well as the Commonwealth’s Patient's Rights Act, as amended, under 908 KAR 3:010 (KRS 194.050, 202A.191, 202A.196, 202B.060, KRS  210.235, KRS 222.421, KRS 222.271, KRS 311.595KRS 311.597Governor’s Executive Order 2004-726) regarding the privacy of medical information and medical records.

All physical documents are sorted, stamped for date received and initialed by the person who received it, and tracked under strict security standards to ensure privacy is never compromised.

CMRA Agent

We have been authorized by the United States Postal Service to receive and store your important and confidential documents in one of our secure facilities.

Document Scanning

We never open your mail items unless you ask us to. Once you request documents to be scanned, the mail item is opened in process by a screened employee and remains secure at all times.

Locked Facilities

All of our processing facilities are monitored and secured with the latest privileged access technology. Only screened employees with approved background checks have access to your mail.

Document Destruction

All documents and mail items that are requested to be shredded are processed and destroyed on-site under supervision.

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