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Kentucky Virtual Mailbox - Delivered Around the WorldUNITED STATES MAIL & PACKAGE ADDRESSES FOR NON-U.S. CITIZENS (Mail Forwarding and Package Forwarding for International Clients)

Kentucky Virtual Mailbox (Kentucky Mail) provides digital mail services for people who live in other countries (nation-states) who want to receive their mail from the United States easily and efficiently. The service is simple, highly effective, and gives you a U.S. mailing address. Once we receive your U.S. Postal Service mail or packages, you tell us what to do with them!

As a DHL ServicePoint, we are professionals at international mail and shipping!

Kentucky Virtual Mailbox


Expats, International Shoppers, Serial Travelers and Nomads, Corporations, Relocation Companies, Small Businesses, and those who wish to have an official U.S. mailing address.


Once you complete a change of address form with the United States Postal Service, it will forward your mail to that address, irrespective of where in the United States it is, or by completing Form 1583, you may establish a new address in the United States (and you decide who to give the address to).

The laws of the United States of America nor the Commonwealth of Kentucky make you liable for taxes unless you live in the Commonwealth of Kentucky full-time or are a citizen of the Commonwealth. Just having an address in Kentucky does not mean you must become a citizen and/or permanent resident of Kentucky or any other state in the Union.

As a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA), Kentucky Virtual Mailbox will become your mail and package agent in the United States in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for personal or business use.


If you have a business and you are based in Kentucky and you need to bill your customers, it makes total sense to have a billing address in the city or at least the state you operate from. From a customer standpoint, it looks less suspicious. They won’t have to question the authenticity of who they are sending their money to.


  • Certain health care providers require you to reside in the state you are covered in to maintain your insurance rates.
  • The rates for insurance coverage can vary state-to-state.
  • If you like the plan you currently have, it would be very important to maintain an address in your current residency state. If you are trying to be discreet about moving or traveling abroad, then you do have the anonymity of maintaining your real residential address!

Other than those few areas, it’s really not an issue to have an address in a different state, usually just a preference. Which, if it is your preference, those options are certainly available to you!

Services For You

Personal Mail and Package Forwarding, Digital Mailboxes, Shopping and Shipping from the United States, Customized Mail Management Solutions for Corporate and Relocation Companies, Business Warehousing and Mailing solutions, and people who own property in the United States.


KentuckyMail.us has a single mission: To provide our clients with the most advanced customer-centric virtual mail and business address solution available. Why are we the best? Because we care about our clients! We realize that we don’t exist without you, our clients!

By constantly innovating and making our products and services better. This is an endless task. Technology is constantly changing and we realize that nothing is ever truly finished. It can always be improved. You can always expect continued improvements in our products and services.

By making security and privacy a central focus. We understand that it is serious business handling someone’s mail. All of our associates go through strict background checks. Mail handling areas are camera/cell phone free areas – no personal recording devices allowed! All facilities are highly secure – 24/7 monitoring. We own and operate all of our own facilities. This means our security and mail handling procedures are in effect at all locations.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company. If you choose to sign up, I promise we will do our best to make you a happy customer. If you choose not to sign up, thank you for considering us; I know your time is precious.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to give us a call at (800) 985-8150 or email us using our online contact form.

Kentucky Virtual Mailbox

Kentucky Virtual Mailbox Anytime MailKentucky Virtual Mailbox offers digital mail services for Kentucky Mail and Packages for international clients who need a United States address. United States Mail & Package Addresses for Non-U.S. Citizens. Receive your mail at a real Kentucky address by a U.S. mail forwarding agent.

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